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Over the Hill Dachshunds Contract $2500.00 CKC registered.

                                    Over the Hill Farm Dachshunds

1251 Crookston Road, Madoc Ontario K0K2K0



Etransfer to:

This contract is between Margie & Jamie Yarrow hereinafter referred to as the SELLER and hereinafter referred to as the BUYER:

Name: ______________________________________________________________

Address of Buyer _____________________________________________________

City, ___________________________ Province______________ Postal Code____________

Phone # _________________________________

Email     ____________________________________________________________________

Seller agrees to sell puppy that was born on the    __ day of   ________ , 202__.

Breed   Miniature Dachshund        Color/Coat   ____________                  SEX________________________

For the sum of $ 2500.00 cash or Etransfer to

Deposit of $500.00 due at first meeting -------------------------All pups are sold without Breeding rights.


Breeder guarantees dog described above is purebred registered with Canadian Kennel Club with registered parents.


The agrees to provide a lifelong commitment, comfortable environment, prompt medical attention, proper grooming, and responsible care. This includes keeping the puppy/dog parasite free and up to inoculations, proper nutrition,


Never allows the puppy/dog to roam without proper fencing or supervision. “Buyer is responsible for all veterinarian cost after the puppy/dog leaves the premises with the new owner.” Buyer understands that all pups/dogs are sold as pets unless agreement to breed is made.






The SELLER guarantees this puppy/dog has been given all the immunizations and worming, appropriate for the dog age. A health record with all age-appropriate shots will be provided by the SELLER Buyer understands to be careful and protect puppy/dog especially until it has had the complete series of immunizations. Our guarantee does not include Kennel Cough, or allergies, thyroid dysfunction. Kennel cough just needs to run its course like the common cold. We suggest that is included in their puppy/dog shots at the correct age!




If for any reason you are unable to look after your new puppy/dog, we will take the dog at any point in the dogs’ life, but without refund.




Buyer Signature:  _______________________________________________Date__________________


Buyer Signature:  _______________________________________________ Date___________________



Seller Signature: _________________________________________________Date__________________

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the Dachshunds, honey bees

and the apple orchard.

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Our Address:

1251 Crookston Road

Madoc, On


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